Masterplan Sahl Hasheesh, 14-17

Location: Hurghada, Makadi Bay, Egypt.

This emblematic complex composed by 6 hotels and 2 shopping areas, all of them connected by a lake that crosses the resort lengthwise. It is located in the middle of Sahl Hasheesh bay, facing directly to the red sea with a sandy beach and crystalline water. The hotels are connected with the Sahl hasheeh promenade by bridges and boats. The peculiarity of this project is that guest can move from the far end of the resort till the beginning by boats, having docks all among the lake, to connect the spa with the chill out area or the shopping area full of restaurants and bars. The architecture of this huge resort is mostly Pharaonic style, bringing us memories of the ancient temples of Hatshepsut, Karnak, etc. With an amazing view to the artificial lake and to the red sea, guest can enjoy walking by the beautiful gardens that surrounds the entire resort.

  • 6 Hotels StarStarStarStarStar Golf, Spa & Villas
  • 2 Shopping Centre & Convention Centre


Sahl Hasheesh 14 - Hotel 1

Sahl Hasheesh 14 - Hotel 1

The Pharaonic Hotel is the first of this complex. It has an impressive reception with Pharaonic columns similar to Karnak temple and with Pharaonic decoration, it shock to the visitor. Place in a higher level; give an amazing view to the red sea and to the majestic pool. Its 298 rooms are surrounded by gardens and areas that give different atmosphere to the hotel.

Sahl Hasheesh 14 - Hotel 2

Sahl Hasheesh 14 - H2

This hotel like the Pharaonic one, have it reception in a higher level, giving to the guest and amazing view. Just in front of the reception we find the central pool dominate by the large staircase that connect the reception with the landscape. This hotel is well separate in 2 areas, and area for the 301 rooms, buffet, solarium, pool, etc; and a area where we find the shopping area with a conference center, design like a small town with Islamic aesthetics and influences.

Sahl Hasheesh 14 - Hotel 3

Sahl Hasheesh 14 - H3

This is the last hotel on the right side of this complex. With Pharaonic style and with 414 rooms, this hotel will be for families. In the middle of the large landscape we find the main pool, with some Jacuzzis in its border. In the center of this pool we have the main buffet inspired in Mohamed Ali Mosque from Cairo, with a spectacular central dome. In the landscape as well we find some small villas, all of them with direct exit to a pool. The reception, a huge Pharaonic building, has a spectacular view over Sahl Hasheesh bay with an infinity pool in the main terrace, that connect with the lobby bar. In the lower level have 2 restaurants a la cart, one of them with a big teppanyaki area.

Sahl Hasheesh 17 - Hotel 1

Sahl Hasheesh 17 - H1

This is the smallest hotel in this complex, with Islamic style and 199 rooms. It has a small reception that concentrates all the outlets of the hotel except the beautiful snack bar placed in the middle of the landscape. The feature of this hotel is its landscape, which in different levels it allow to develop a small aquapark, with several slides and aquaplay, ended up in the lake that connect all the complex.

Sahl Hasheesh 17 - Hotel 2

Sahl Hasheesh 17 - H2

With 547 rooms, this is the biggest hotel of this complex, but indeed, we divided this hotel in 2 areas with 2 receptions. The main area has an amazing pharaohnic reception inspired in Sakkara temple, placed in a higher level lead you to an exterior patio full of restaurants with a wonderful view to sahl hasheesh bay. The rooms building in Islamic style it develop all around the area and in different levels, with several pools around in the landscape. The other reception smaller and in Islamic style, gives way to a pool area with solarium surrounded by a "U" shape room building.

Sahl Hasheesh 17 - Hotel 3

Sahl Hasheesh 17 - H3

The last hotel on the left of this complex it has colonial style and 290 rooms. The lake that crosses the whole complex ended up here, where you will find the large spa, with a dock so you can come with boats from any of the other hotels. The solarium developed in different levels, it is designed in chill out style, with pergolas and cozy areas mixed with the landscaped, with geometric pools.

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