Sahl Hasheesh 14 - H3

Location: Sahl Hasheesh, Egypt.

Category: StarStarStarStarStar development in process.

This is the last hotel on the right side of this complex. With pharaonic style and with 414 rooms, this hotel will be for families. In the middle of the large landscape we find the main pool, with some Jacuzzis in its border. In the center of this pool we have the main buffet inspired in Mohamed Ali Mosque from Cairo, with a spectacular central dome. In the landscape as well we find some small villas, all of them with direct exit to a pool. The reception, a huge pharaonic building, has a spectacular view over Sahl Hasheesh bay with an infinity pool in the main terrace, that connect with the lobby bar. In the lower level have 2 restaurants a la cart, one of them with a big teppanyaki area.In the area close to the lake and close to the central shopping area, we have a open air disco/ chill out area and a close disco with pharaonic style.



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