The story of Juan Carlos Piñeiro Architecture can be summarized in four different stages.

In the first stagehe combines the architectural designs with the business activity, but always connected with the design world. He opened the Camper Shoe Shops for the Canary Islands with the image of the trademark and he had the opportunity of meeting some of the Catalan designers of the moment: Carlos Torrent, Javier Mariscal, Fernando Amat (from Vinçon shops) opening another shop, men's fashion in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Modus Vivendi with an avant-gardes design for the time. He designed the first Bounty shop in El Pilar Street, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and another one in Mesa y Lopez Street in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, besides Camper and Modus Vivendi.
  • He combines this complex world of fashion with his big interest about plants and gardening, making an enterprise of landscaping and doing lots of gardens for a big amount of hotels in all Canary Island, creating also lots of designs for privates.
  • As he was doing architectural projects with his brother Andrés, at the tourist boom time in the South of the Tenerife Island, his wife Irma Doblado takes charge of the clothes Shop and the Shoe Shop. Later he goes into partnership with the landscape gardener Boris Herzberg, who gives continuity to the gardening enterprise until nowadays.
  • The projects he makes with his brother are mainly located in Los Gigantes Urbanization between the years 1980 and 1990, "Las Mimosas Apartments", "Jacaranda Apartments", "El Pino Apartments", "Villas Club I", "Club II Apartments", single-family housings and also in Las Americas, "Sol Sun Beach Apartments", "Royal Garden" (1986)"
  • All of them directed to the tourist sector and built in the eighties with a different architectural style and characterized by the use of of the traditional Canary architecture. This own style created by the two brothers culminates with the development of the different designs of the "Bahía del Duque Hotel", At first, a four star hotel with 715 rooms, after with a big Convention Centre and Commercial areas and finally, a five stars luxury Hotel of 367 rooms, being the last one built and inaugurated in 1993 thanks to the push of the big businessman and also architect of Valencia origin, Enrique Hernandis. During the building period of the Hotel, he finishes his last University project at the Escuela de Arquitectura de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with the collegiate number 1438, with his friend and tutor Juanma Palerm.
  • As a consequence of the big success of"Bahía del Duque Hotel", after the opening, in 1993, Juan Carlos definitely joined his brother Andres starting the second stage with him.
Second Stage (1993-2004)
In this second stage , of 11 years of length, they receive orders of relevant importance not only in the island of Tenerife but also worldwide. Thereby making luxury hotels and resorts and always showing the use of the traditional architecture of each place, keeping the typical and the characteristics of each style: Islamic, Pharaonic, Nubian in the Egyptian areas and Colonial with Caribbean and Tropical elements, in the Caribbean.
  • In 1998, two hotels of "Red Sea Hotels" are inaugurated, the "Gran Resort", located in Hurghada, Egypt by the Red Sea. Having 760 rooms with Islamic architecture and causing a big architectonical impact in this tourist area. Opening later the "Grand Makady", this hotel is located in Makady bay, 20 km. from Hurghada, 360 rooms with Nubian style and Islamic elements.
  • In the Canary Islands, particularly in the island of Lanzarote, "Gran Melia Volcán de Lanzarote" opens its doors, major contrast of the white colour of the traditional architecture with the black and red of the volcanic land of the Island. In Tenerife "Villa Cortes Hotel" is inaugurated, in spite of being located in the South of the Island, its architecture reminds us the Hispano-Colonial style introduced in Mexico. In the Puerto de la Cruz, "Las Águilas Hotel-Apartments" located in the top of a mountain, is renovated. In addition, the hotel "Mirador del Duque", opened its doors with a very personal touch, not only because of its architecture but also for its decoration designed by Rosi Zamorano, a well-known interior designer, having also led the decoration team of "Bahía del Duque Hotel", made up of Mercedes Suarez, Ana Martin Zamorano and Araceli Gonzalez.
    In parallel, they receive new orders for new projects from different places.
  • In the South of the island of Tenerife, particularly in Arico, possibly one of the windiest areas of the Island, they received the order for designing two Golf courses and one Resort with six hotels. This project is done side by side with Giorgio Giacomini, owner and architect, but mainly friend. This ambitious project with a very avant-garde design and coordinated by the canary businessman Pedro Garcia Sanjuan. The main challenge of the project was to adapt it for the gust of the wind; it was truncated by the unfortunate traffic accident in Italy in which Giorgio looses his life. Also a Hotel of 125 rooms in the north of the Island, by Buenavista´s Golf course designed by Severiano Ballesteros and a Residential Housing in "Las Águilas del Teide".
  • In Fuerteventura the "Tierra Dorada Hotel" of 350 rooms.
  • In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the , "Villa del Conde Hotel", a project of 560 rooms in the most pure Canary style. With a more colonial idea, the "Oasis Beach Hotel" of 700 rooms and another hotel in "Pasito Blanco.".
  • In Lanzarote, the "Dream Castillo hotel", which reminds us to historic fortifications of the Island and the "Marina Rubicón", beside the Hotel "Volcán de Lanzarote".
  • In La Gomera, Avalos Urbanization and the Residential "Pueblo Don Thomas" beside the Tecina Golf and a small hotel of 200 rooms in the "Barranco La Rajita"..
  • In Alicante, "Real de Faula Hotel", a project of two Hotels of Sheraton chain. The Mediterranean architecture and the historic edifications are mixed in the design.
  • In Mallorca the "Costa Blanes Urbanization"..
  • In Cuba, a "Master Plan" project in Varadero´s area and a hotel complex with Golf courses in Bacunayagua area. The Colonial architecture with Hispanic influence and fortifications with a decoration of that time executed by Rosi Zamorano are shown in those projects.
  • In Bahamas a hotel complex in "Bimini Island" is designed.
  • In the Dominican Republic, the "Sanctuary", a big luxury hotel in a heavenly area of Capcana with Colonial architecture with Caribbean elements.
  • In South Arabia the project of the Palace for the Prince Abdullah Bin Saad al Saud, in the city "Jeddah" with a Modernist style.
  • In Egypt the order for making the proposal of three hotels of Red Sea Hotels, designed with an Islamic and Pharaonic architecture in the area of Sahl Hasheesh; in the 14 plot, a reform of "Grand Hotel" in Hurghada and a hotel in the city of "Taba", mixing Pharaonic and Nubian style.
  • This second stage ends up tragically in May of 2004 with the death of his brother Andrés in a traffic accident in Egypt.
Third Stage (2004-2006)
The third stage,of short length in time but a strong intensity in work, is characterized by the execution and the finishing of a lot of projects of the previous period. In this phase from May of 2004 to October 2006, he has to design and visit all the works, jumping between Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Alicante and with Tenerife as a base. He designs projects in aeroplanes, airports, hotels and any place where a pen and a piece of paper could be used; making very good technical teams in each building work and finishing them one by one.
  • Building works give a boost in Egypt with the opening of three new hotels of the chain of Red Sea Hotels, as "Makady Palace" (close to "Grand Makady") and "Ghazala Gardens", which suffers a terrorist attempt in August of 2005, designing the project in two months and inaugurating it in December of 2006; and of recent opening the "Grand Sharm", both located in Sharm el Sheik, a tourist area in the Red Sea.
  • In the island of Gran Canaria, in Maspalomas area, the "Villa del Conde Hotel"is opened, with its characteristic Canary style becomes the tourist reference hotel of the Island.
  • In Lanzarote, in the Lomo Colorado area, making frontier with the protected area of Papagayo, the "Dream Castillo de Lanzarote Hotel" is inaugurated, another reference of the traditional architecture of the place in contrast with the white and the red of the ground that even the rocks seem to be part of the architecture. A castle is the nerve centre of the Hotel. "Gran Melia Volcán de Lanzarote Hotel" and the project inside the "Marina Rubicón" (one of the most important Marinas of the Island), are finished.. This project is made up as a small commercial village that reminds us of any fishing village of the Island.
  • In Alicante Real de Faula Hotel, now "Villaitana"is inaugurated, composed by two 5 stars Hotels, located in the Thematic Park of Terra Mitica. Its traditional architecture gives a Mediterranean atmosphere, recovering old buildings as the Almudin, the Aldea´s Church and the Consistorial House, etc. creating this way a small village with its square. A big wall of old aspect around the hotels protects the golf course, designed by Jack Nicklaus and offering a nice view over the sea and towards the city. These hotels were operated by Sheraton chain.
  • In Dominican Republic, he receives the order for doing the"Fishing Lodge", a complex of 300 apartments and a hotel of 120 rooms, commercial areas, shops, restaurants,... with a small area called La Veneciana because of its channels between the buildings, all this located in La Marina de Capcana, possibly one of the biggest of the world. "A skyscraper" of 50 floors is designed in the city centre of Santo Domingo and the construction works of the "Fishing Lodge".
  • In Egypt, he receives the order for the "Makady Spa", 265 rooms in Makady Bay, as well as a big Theatre which becomes the nerve centre of Makady Bay complex and decorated also by Rosi Zamorano. Three hotels of 1.000 rooms in the plot 6 of Sahl Hasheesh, one of them the "Al-Andalus" of 268 rooms, this hotel remind us the courtyards of the Alhambra and the other two of 366 rooms each one, inspired in the Egyptian pyramids. Three hotels of 900 rooms in the plot 17 of Sahl Hasheesh Bay, which remind us different temples of the Pharaonic time and three hotels of 800 rooms in Sharm el Sheik inspired in the pendant gardens of Babylon.
  • In Cuba, in 2006, the drafting of the executive project of "Bacunayagua" is finished.
  • At the end of this period, his nephew Andres enters the studio, having recently finished his studies in England. He begins his architectonic trajectory designing a villa in Capcana, in the Dominican Republic and the "Babylonia Hotel", located in Sharm el Sheik. After a few months and mainly because of different concepts reasons, the dissolution of the studio is done, therefore dividing the projects that were developing at that moment. In this way, ends up the most intensive stage, mainly because of the amount of work finished in this short period of time, thus giving way to the fourth stage, starting in October 2006.
Fourth Stage 2006
This fourth Stage is characterized by the entry of his daughter Irma Piñeiro, Irma Piñeiro Doblado, after finishing her studies of architecture in London South Bank University in 2007, designing her first project in Hurghada, the Head office of the travel agency Cairo Express, and later the Spa of one of the hotels in Sahl Hasheesh.
Aroconsulting was the commercial name used until the end of the third stage. Creating then a new image of the studio and designing new spaciousness and lightness offices with the name of "Arquiestudio JCP".
  • In Egypt, three hotels in the plot 6 are built, "Pyramids", "Al-Andalus" and the "three hotels" in the plot 17 and "a hotel" in the plot 14, all of them in Sahl Hasheesh. In Makady Bay the hotel "Makady Spa Hotel", the Grand Marina in Hurghada, "Marsa Alam Valley", and a small familiar hotel carry on under construction. The "Makady Family Hotel", of 650 rooms intended for kids, with a fortified architecture and full of water attractions integrated with the design. This would be the last hotel to complete Makady Bay complex.
    Two hotels inside the Golf Course of Sahl Hasheesh, one of them with "a Colonial style" and the other projected for sports; a big complex of several hotels with a Golf Course and a Marina in Marsa Matrouh, in the Mediterranean Coast, and finally the Club House of Makady Golf and the Mountain Golf with a small Boutique Hotel. Belonging all of them to "Red Sea Hotels".
  • In the Dominican Republic, while the "Fishing Lodge" under construction, the "Sanctuary Hotel and Spa" are inaugurated in April of 2007. He receives new orders, as the "Sanctuary Residence", complex of 300 apartments located in the back area of the Sanctuary Hotel and the reformation of the LTI Hotel in Bavaro.
  • In Tenerife, the construction of "Buenavista Golf Hotel" is started, designed with the purest Canary style, being commercialized by the hotel chain Vincci Hotels. Also the "Residential Hoya Meleque", project of 16 apartments in the Puerto de la Cruz is executed. Besides a project of 60 rooms with Spa and Golf Course, La Finca de San Jeronimo in Tacoronte and the design of 24 luxury villas in the Campo de Golf Abama.
  • In Cuba, he designs a new Master Plan for the development of 2.000 villas and apartments nearby the Bacunayagua Golf Courses.
  • In Mexico, he receives the order for doing "the project of 250 rooms Hotel" in the area of Campeche, stressing its Hispanic- Colonial style.
  • All this have been possible thanks to the big team of good professionals that he has been training during the time, starting with Laura Croissier, quantity surveyor and Head of the Studio and the surveyors: Virgilio Garcia, Monica Perez and Nuria Davila. The CAD designer and head of the department Jazmin Torres and the CAD designers: Aranza Escobar, Oliver Rodriguez, Ester Oñate y Mar De Castro. The graphic designer Nauzet Cervera; the assistants: Fidel Cerdeña and Maite Carballo; and of course his personal secretary Maria del Mar Moreno. It must not be forgotten Marta Acosta, who has the responsibility of all the jobs in Egypt and has also organized a big team of technical's Dominican in Hurghada offices.
    - In the Dominican Republic the quantity surveyor Carmen Perera, head and site manager of the Sanctuary Hotel and still working for the Studio handling the reformation of LTI Hotel in Bavaro. Mari Carmen Gil, quantity surveyor who coordinated the Santo Domingo's office with the architects Ana Maldonado, July Manzueta and Loani Paulino, during the construction period of the Sanctuary Hotel and being recently incorporated at Santa Cruz offices. Also the big help of his niece architect Maria Dolores Pego who has participated in the design of many of the projected hotels.
    - Collaborators as Fidel Iturribarria, industrial engineer specialist in all the installation areas; Boris Herzberg, landscape designer who has designed practically all the projects of the Studio and also Diego Estevez that is participating in the designs and construction of the Spa of the different hotels in Egypt. In addition, the structural designer Francisco Guerrero and Jesus Martin of Ceider enterprise and the Egyptians structural designers of Wiser enterprise that have had the responsibility of having calculated the structures of all the projects in Egypt..
    - Rosy Zamorano, interior designer who has been present in all the stages and mainly in this latest period has been designing with her team of decorators: Nancy Rodriguez and Alicia Peña, projects for Egypt as: "Pyramids, Makady Family, Grand Marina, Makady Theatre…"
    - The Studio's image with Cristina Tabares, who has done the entire project's perspective drawings and Alvaro Gonzalez, his Financial Adviser.
    - It must also be mentioned, even though they are not part of the team at present time, the architects: Rafaela Alevi, Roberto Acosta and Monica Esteban. Quantity surveyors: Victor D., Mariam, Victor H., Monica Tallo, Hector, Victor M., and Juani. As well as the CAD designers: Rita, Luis, Peña, Lucy, Eduardo, Eladio, Bethuel, Joaquin, Zeben y Armando. The graphic designer Miriam, and Ciro Fragoso, quantity surveyor that was in Egypt for a long period of time together with Javier Barbuzano, interior designer of many of the hotels opened in the Red Sea.
    - I can not finish without mentioning the big help and the unconditional support of my wife Irma and also of my daughter Irma and my son Julio, without them nothing of this could have been possible.
    Wednesday, 10 December 2008