• Juan Carlos Piñeiro

    Juan Carlos Piñeiro

    Juan Carlos Piñeiro Was born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on the 26 of June in 1954. He carried out his studies of Architecture in the Escuela Técnica Superior of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. He combines de Architectural designs with the Business World. He opened the Camper Shoe Shops for the Canary Islands and also “Modus Vivendi” for men. He made the designs of the first “Bounty” shops. He alternates between the complicated world of fashion and his big interest about plants and gardening in general, creating a landscaping enterprise and making gardens for a big amount of hotels located in tourist areas in all the Canary Islands, doing at the same time numerous designs for privates. He collaborates with his brother Andres in the construction of different projects Read More
  • Irma Piñeiro Doblado

    Irma Piñeiro Doblado

    Irma Piñeiro Doblado Was born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on the 6 of December in 1981. She carried out her studies in the Pureza de María and Luther King School. In 2001 she began her studies of Architecture in London South Bank University, finishing the Undergraduate BaHons Architecture Degree in 2004. She completed her studies with the Post Graduate Diploma of Architecture in 2007, entering her father studio. After finishing the first cycle of her studies, during the course 2005/06, she did the University practises in her father office in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and also in Egypt offices visiting the different work sites. In 2008 she did her first project in Hurghada, by the Red Sea (Egypt). This project consisted in the Head Office of the travel agency Read More
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With an experience of over 25 years and important completed projects in the most prestigious locations in the world, Juan Carlos Pineiro Izquierdo is an architect who takes care of every detail with all the attention to human comfort and the respect of the environment. His daughter, Irma Piñeiro Doblado joined the study once ended her career of architecture in London, taking on projects in Egypt and Caribbean.